Loki Seriously You Need to Stop Talking.  Prop Highlight (muzzle):  Anime Banzai 2012

So since the initial pictures of this have started to circulate, I’ve gotten a few questions on the muzzle.

I made the muzzle myself, using craft foam, floor mat foam, and a lot of swear words.  It took some experimenting on my part, but it’s relatively simple and it worked so well (and was such a hit) that Liesmith-Loki wore it for most of the con.

The first step was figuring out what the muzzle actually looked like… easier said than done.  The actual prop doesn’t physically exist, since it was CGI’d onto Tom Hiddleston’s face at the end of the Avengers.  So this was a challenge.

Here’s one of the few good references of the muzzle I could get, and my drawing below. (sorry for the bad quality)

Through drawing it, I figured out there were 2 main parts: the part that actually rested on the mouth, and then the two long pieces that went from the side of the mouth to just below the ears.

I made the base out of craft foam: 1 piece that was on the mouth, then 2 pieces for both sides.  This craft foam base on the sides would later be where the red pieces would be.

The craft foam base at the front, I made sure to draw along the natural lines of Liesmith-Loki’s face (that line that goes from your nostril to the side of your face when you scrunch up your nose).  This made it in proportion to her.

After I had a craft foam base, I cut out (using an exacto knife) pieces of the floor mat foam (it’s maybe 1/2” thick?) to put on the front and sides which would effectively mimic the 3D portions of the muzzle.

The only WIP picture I have, sadly.  The green is the craft foam.  Notice how the pieces on the sides go below the ear— that is important for comfort and fit.

The next step was the smaller 3D details.  The little ‘button’ attaching the sides and the front together was another piece of floor foam, and the bars that separated the red spaces on the sides of the muzzle was created by cutting out another piece of craft foam and putting it on top of the first piece.

The muzzle is attached at the back with a 1/2” wide strip of leather that has a 1/2” buckle.  Measure to fit.  YOU MUST USE SUPERGLUE TO ATTACH THE LEATHER/BUCKLE, OR IT WILL FALL APART.  Might be common knowledge, but my Thor chest plate is falling apart because of this error!

To finish: Coat with Mod Podge, then paint.  You will need several coats.  For the silver, I mixed silver paint with black to give it more substance and not make it as shiny.  The gold detailing I did carefully with gold puffy paint after the paint was dry.  Then I coated the whole thing again in Mod Podge.  BE SURE TO SEAL THE INSIDE TOO!  Craft foam will absorb the moisture in your breath otherwise.

When finished, it will be slightly flexible, should fit comfortably without slipping, and you will actually be able to talk underneath it as it doesn’t actually hinder the jaw (it just looks like it does :))

My one disappointment/thing I’d do better now is the shaping on the front 3D pieces; the spaces between them are uneven and the edges aren’t as finished as they should be.

Okay— enough from me.  If there’s enough interest, maybe someday I will sell these as commissions!  Till then, ta!

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